Prof. Panos Papanastasiou
University of Cyprus

Panos Papanastasiou is Professor and Dean of School of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Cyprus (Associate Professor, 2002-2006). Prior to this appointment he was Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist and Principal Research Scientist at Schlumberger Cambridge Research in U.K, from 1991 to 2002. He received his first degree from NTU of Athens (1984) and M.Sc (1986) and Ph.D (1990) degrees from the University of Minnesota all in Civil Engineering. He has published 37 refereed journal papers, 43 papers in refereed conference proceedings, 2 book chapters and has edited 3 books. He invented three U.K. and USA patents and wrote more than 40 industrial reports. He is editorial advisor in the International Journal of Geomechanics and he serves as reviewer for EPSRC (UK), ESF (Europe), RGC (Hong Kong) and for 16 International Journals. He has been involved in the organization of 6 conferences on Computational Methods for one of which he served as co-chairman. His research interests are in Applied and Computational Mechanics for constitutive modeling of materials, micro-mechanics, fracture mechanics, flow in porous media, finite element analysis with applications in geomechanics, environmental geomechanics and petroleum geomechanics. One of his recent research interests is the storage of CO2 in deep geological formations (CO2 sequestration). The last three years he gave a series of public lectures on the issues of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development and on the Strategy for Oil Exploration in Offshore Cyprus.



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