Dr. Andreas Kyprianou
University of Cyprus

Andreas Kyprianou is Associate Professor at the Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing department of the University of Cyprus. He studied Mechanical and Process engineering at the University Sheffield from where he graduated in 1996. He obtained his PhD in 1999 from the same University and MSc in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science from Oxford University. In 2000-2001 and 2001-2003 he was research associate at the Department of Public and Business Administration of University of Cyprus and at the Engineering Department of University of Liverpool respectively. He acquired expertise in probabilistic neural networks, experimental and theoretical vibrations and advance signal processing. In 2003 he joined the department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering of University of Cyprus as a lecturer. He has developed both independent and in collaboration research activities in advanced signal processing of vibrating structures and damage detection; cable and PV systems condition assessment using probabilistic neural networks; advanced signal processing for urban applications; data processing for nanotechnology related applications. His current research interests are: theoretical and experimental characterization of mechanical vibrating structures and their health condition assessment in varying environmental and forcing conditions and the applications of wavelets and multiresolution analysis techniques in urban and power related applications.



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