The vision of 1C4PV is to foster innovation that will maintain and strengthen European leadership in solar sector by creating synergies between SMEs and research organizations. Aligned with the challenges defined in the SET-Plan TWP PV Implementation Plan document, mainly in the operation and diagnosis of PV plants, as “further enhancement of lifetime, quality and sustainability”. The objective of 1C4PV is to provide an integrated platform for cost reduction and revenue optimization for PV based on advanced and automated functions for data analysis, fault detection, diagnosis and O&M recommendations.

The expected project results with the specific impact and KPIs to measure the success of the project are outlined below:

  1. 3-4% PR increase over plants installed through optimized O&M and reliable identification of faults, performance problems and losses

  2. 10% O&M cost reduction without compromising PR

  3. Reduce the data inconsistencies from 15% to less than 3% and maximize the quality of the available information from SCADAs and management systems as a basis for analysis

  4. Achieve classification accuracy > 90 % on fault diagnosis and performance problem detection