Mrs. Constantina Ioannou
Administrative Staff


onstantina Ioannou received her BSc in Biological Sciences and MSc in Biomedical Sciences from University of Cyprus. She won the first prize for the best undergraduate thesis in 2013, and the second prize for the best Master thesis in 2016 from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. She was also awarded a scholarship from Cyprus State Scholarships Foundation for Master’s studies. She did her undergraduate and postgraduate research at the Drosophila Development and Homeostasis Laboratory of University of Cyprus. For her research, she used Drosophila melanogaster airways as a model for human lung and blood vessel morphogenesis to study the role of receptor tyrosine kinases in Drosophila respiratory system (trachea) remodeling. She is currently a member of the FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy of University of Cyprus. Constantina’s main duties are to manage and provide support for the research activities at FOSS.