Smart Electricity Networks

The science strategy of FOSS follows an evolutionary way in which grid and market integration constitute the next big challenges in transforming the European energy system. In effect, we are reaching a critical pivotal point for high penetration of renewables in the national grid which is expected to result in severe operational problems unless restructuring of the current, traditional grid takes place.

Thus the 2nd thematic priority of FOSS aims to address this timely issue. Topics on the research agenda include smart grids, storage, control techniques, distributed generation, demand side management, energy forecasting, market tools, and enabling technologies.


• Inverters
• Network Automation
• Distributed Control
• Demand side management (DSM)
• Energy efficiency
• Forecasting & system operation
• Storage
• Market integration
• Island systems
• Micro-grid solutions
• ICT 


• Timely to address problems to arise soon with high penetration of renewables to national grid
• Well-placed in terms of dealing with issues associated with isolated grids (islands) or weak grids


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